Dec 06
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Kursus Pengurusan Majlis dan Protokol

Sesebuah organisasi sama ada kerajaan atau swasta, pertubuhan atau persatuan tidak dapat lari dari menganjur dan menguruskan majlis, sama ada rasmi atau tidak rasmi, diperingkat dalaman, organisasi, negeri, malahan diperingkat kebangsaan atau antarabangsa.

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Bengkel Prosedur & Tindakan Tatatertib Pelajar IPT

Pihak Berkuasa Tatatertib Pelajar telah diberikan kaedah dan cara-cara tindakan tatatertib terhadap pelajar menerusi Akta Universiti dan Kolej Universiti 1971. Kuasa yang diberi ini bersifat Domestik Tribunal yang mesti dipertanggungjawabkan kepada Undang-undang Awam Negara. Prinsip dan aturan undang-undang Awam hendaklah dipatuhi semasa proses domestic tribunal dilaksanakan bagi memastikan undang-undang negara dipraktikkan dengan adil.

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Dealing With Media Press

Hotel Armada Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Many corporations and organisations hire well-trained personnel/PR who knows how the media and journalists relate to newsmakers, and how reporters go about their work, as well as generate visibility. However, in today’s world with the looming global economic depression, expanding operating costs by hiring such personnel may not be a viable option for many.

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Document Examination and Verification Course

Learn the procedure on how to verify documents that are important to your organization. Documents can be in form of business licence, permits, identity card, passport, account book, cheques, signatures, business contracts, photocopies document and anything that relates to checking its authenticity.

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Client's Feedback

The speaker is very energetic and knowledgable. Easy to understand.


Kursus ini benar-benar dapat menerap perkara-perkara rasmi yang selama ini dipraktikkan berdasarkan kepada pemerhatian dan pengalaman sahaja. Dengan menghadiri kursus saya dapat menambah pengetahuan dan lebih konfiden dalam mengendali majlis-majlis yang bakal dilaksanakan.


This is one of the most lively training I've attended.It brings out the best in me to write my report more interestingly.
- RAM Ratings


The mock sessions and pracical aspects is the most helpful area of the course.


This is what I expected. Dealing with Media is part of my job. I am satisfied with the content and method used.
- One Drop Perfume


Welcome to Persada RAY, your performance solutions training provider.

Persada RAY is a dynamic training organization with a passionate commitment on helping companies to increase business profitability, competitiveness and productivity by developing the necessary skills required to cope with the ever increasing demands of work. Established in 2008, we have developed new structures, content and the latest business knowledge necessary to respond to the specific training needs of companies and organizations of all sizes and in every region of the country.

We work with individuals, teams and organizations helping them to maximize their business potential and achieve greater results. We interact closely with clients of all sizes and work with people throughout the organization, focusing on main areas that drive personal development and organizational growth.

All of our courses are interactive, highly participatory and aim to provide the critical skills required to ensure a direct and lasting impact on business performance. At Persada RAY, we ensure that each course is tailored made to suit individual requirements, and that a maximum return on training investment is achieved for the company.


Our Team

Our training experts are industry professionals, working with leading edge corporate and have wide experiences. The strength of this team is its ability to adapt training to the particular requirements of the markets our clients serve and the specific needs of their personnel.

Our panels of trainers begin each session by ascertaining the specific training needs of the participants to ensure learner satisfaction. Delivered by dynamic instructors, our interactive skills training will be focusing more on communication through writing, facilitating, influencing, negotiating and presenting.

Our flexible oriented style, coupled with our straight talking client focused approach, enables us to challenge and develop individual and team thinking. This will result in higher levels of teamwork, productivity, performance and profitability across the business.







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